2015 Weather Inversion Photos

Day after day after day of depressing fog, frost and cold. The fog crystallizes and sticks to everything including spider webs and miniature horses. It’s depressing, but it’s pretty.

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3 Responses to 2015 Weather Inversion Photos

  1. Pam macFArlane says:

    What a great slideshow of the frosty horse, trees and shrubs, implement, and fence lines!
    Today, from Kuna, we can’t see any Boise, Middleton, or Owyhee hills. But above the grayish-brown inversion that clouds the Boise air, we can currently see the sun shining on the top of Bogus Basin.
    How clean the horses’ hooves are in the snow; so much better than the mud in the recent past!

  2. Patrise Selkey says:

    These Pictures are remarkable…..they are so pretty…..and your horse is so fluffy looking…..love that huge spider web……Gary you took wonderful pictures…..

  3. Patrise Selkey says:

    Gary your pictures are beautiful……your horse looks so fluffy…..and the spider web was magnificent…..you did a great job!!!!

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