About this Curmudgeon

Lately, the people around me have been saying that I am a grumpy old man. So I decided what the heck, maybe I am. So I decided to create this blog to let everybody know what goes on in the head and body that contributes to grumpy old men or Curmudgeons.

I originally decided on the title Grumpy Old Man, but my Dr. said it was not original enough and suggested ‘Curmudgeon’. I added ‘Geriatric’.

Of course, you should always do what the Doctor says…..

Born Melvin Gary Purse in Denver, CO ~ Graduated from Wheatridge High School

1958 Graduated from Colorado State University BS-Business Management
1958-1961 US Navy ~ Supply Corp Officer: Athens, GA ~ Norfolk, VA ~ Key West, FL ~ Newport News, VA
1962-1976 US Forest Service: Custer, SD ~ Cody, WY ~ Washington, DC ~ Ogden, UT
1976-1998 Owned and operated Flower Shop in Albuquerque, NM (sold shop)
1995-2004 Moved to Los Lunas, NM: We bred and showed Miniature Horses and started a Clipper Blade Sharpening service and an online store selling Animal Clippers and Blades.

Married Gwynne on January 20, 1991

3 Kids, 12 Grand and 7 Great Grand (at the moment)

2005 til now Moved to Middleton, ID: Downsized our house to 950 sq ft on 4 acres.

Still have the Clipper Blade Sharpening service 

We have 2 Miniature Horses, 2 Dogs and lots of Gophers.

Dark and Rose

Dark and Rose

The farm, Middleton. ID

The farm, Middleton. ID

Cash & Oz

Cash & Oz

Gopher Damage

Gophers ~ They may look cute, but this is the damage they can do overnight.

5 Responses to About this Curmudgeon

  1. Patrise Selkey says:

    Gary….what a funny blog…..this is great….I loved the whole story….and you are right curmedgeons do have a sly wit…..thanks for sharing…


  2. I liked the term “Geriatric Curmudgeon” so much, I’ve used it a couple of times. Let me know if I owe royalties to anyone..

  3. Gary says:

    Nope, be my guest

  4. Kathy Gibbard says:

    How are y’all doing? Haven’t read any updates and just wondering . . .

  5. Lois & Don Cant says:

    Gary and Gwynne, So good to get an update on you and your critters!
    Sounds like Gary is back up on his feet and taking food, glad he keeps up with all the stuff that goes on with your “ranchette” (?)
    Geriatric Curmudgeon fits at this house too!
    Good Stuff!
    Happy Halloween you two!

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