About this Curmudgeon

Lately, the people around me have been saying that I am a grumpy old man. So I decided what the heck, maybe I am. So I decided to create this blog to let everybody know what goes on in the head and body that contributes to grumpy old men or Curmudgeons.

I originally decided on the title Grumpy Old Man, but my Dr. said it was not original enough and suggested ‘Curmudgeon’. I added ‘Geriatric’.

Of course, you should always do what the Doctor says…..

Born Melvin Gary Purse in Denver, CO ~ Graduated from Wheatridge High School

1958 Graduated from Colorado State University BS-Business Management
1958-1961 US Navy ~ Supply Corp Officer: Athens, GA ~ Norfolk, VA ~ Key West, FL ~ Newport News, VA
1962-1976 US Forest Service: Custer, SD ~ Cody, WY ~ Washington, DC ~ Ogden, UT
1976-1998 Owned and operated Flower Shop in Albuquerque, NM (sold shop)
1995-2004 Moved to Los Lunas, NM: We bred and showed Miniature Horses and started a Clipper Blade Sharpening service and an online store selling Animal Clippers and Blades.

Married to Gwynne for the past 22 years.

3 Kids, 12 Grand and 6 Great Grand (at the moment)

2005 til now Moved to Middleton, ID: Downsized our house to 950 sq ft on 4 acres.

Still have the Clipper Blade Sharpening service and I am Designing Websites.

We have 3 Miniature Horses, 2 Dogs and lots of Gophers.

"Dark", "Spit" and "Rose"

“Dark”, “Spit” and “Rose”


The farm, Middleton. ID

The farm, Middleton. ID


Cash & Oz

Cash & Oz


Gopher Damage

Gophers ~ They may look cute, but this is the damage they can do overnight.

4 Responses to About this Curmudgeon

  1. Patrise Selkey says:

    Gary….what a funny blog…..this is great….I loved the whole story….and you are right curmedgeons do have a sly wit…..thanks for sharing…


  2. I liked the term “Geriatric Curmudgeon” so much, I’ve used it a couple of times. Let me know if I owe royalties to anyone..

  3. Gary says:

    Nope, be my guest

  4. Kathy Gibbard says:

    How are y’all doing? Haven’t read any updates and just wondering . . .

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