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Annoying Stuff

At the top of my list is my neighbor. The yard is trashed and I can’t imagine what the inside of the house looks like. There are dogs, cats, and chickens roaming around. Worst of all there are 2 small children living there.

Healthcare: We have a hospital not too far from us in Caldwell, ID which is handy for emergencies, but if you need certain procedures or surgery you will most likely need to go to Boise or Meridian.  Why can’t the Doctors do the traveling?

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  1. Martha October 22, 2020

    I love this site! :-) So much to browse and see. Agreed about traveling medical clinicians -> we need more PAs and NPs too. Telemed has made super advances in 2020. So great. We could use traveling lab services for blood and urine & test swabs.

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