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Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Several years ago I wrote about why I dislike Facebook.  I’ll admit after that I did set up a Facebook account much to my regret.  After about a year, I could no longer tolerate the stress involved when reading other … Continue reading

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Flying High

“Hello, this is your pilot. If you look quick out your window to the left and down, you will see we are passing over the moon.” Photo by: The Curmudgeon

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New Version

Every morning, I get up…turn on the computer… and here come all the pop-ups letting me know that I can now have new versions of almost every program I’ve ever used. If I’ve not yet had my quota of caffeine … Continue reading

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Christmas Letter

I was going to write one of those Christmas letters. You know the kind: letting all my family and friends know about all those exciting things Gwynne and I did this year. Apparently, I got too busy watching re-runs on … Continue reading

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