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At the top of the list is the day I married Gwynne Shaw on January 20, 1991. The love of my life.

I Can’t do the things I used to do, so Gwynne takes care of all our animals, she is the farm hand, gardener, builder, maintenance person, etc. and most of all my caregiver.

I have 3 Kids, 12 Grand and 7 Great Grand ( at the moment ). Some of which like or love me, others not so much.

Let me not forget my older sister Carol in Arvada, Co.

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My Mother’s Aging Poem


By Geraldine K. Purse

The body gets stiff, you get cramps in your legs

Corns on your feet as big as hen’s eggs,

Gas in your stomach, elimination is poor

Take Ex-lax at night, but then you’re not sure.

You soak in the tub or the body will smell,

It’s just like I said: OLD AGE IS HELL!

The teeth start decaying, eyesight is poor,

Hair falling out all over the floor,

Sex life is shot, it’s a thing of the past,

Don’t kid yourself, friends, even that doesn’t last.

Can’t go to parties, don’t dance anymore

Just putting it mildly, you’re a hell of a bore.

Liquor is out, can’t take a chance

The bladder is weak, might pee in your pants.

Nothing to plan for, nothing to expect

Just the mailman bringing your Security check.

Now, be sure your affairs are in order and you will is made right

Or on the way to your grave, there’ll be a hell of a fight.

So, if this year you feel fairly well,

Thank God you’re alive, although Old AGE IS HELL.

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