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So why am I doing this blog? I often wonder that. Does anyone even read this stuff?

I guess that I’m doing it because due to my vanishing physical abilities it gives me something to do instead of watching TV, reading or taking naps. I can spend quality time thinking up silly or stupid things to put in a blog. However, I still watch TV and take naps. I also try extremely hard to exercise as often as possible.

I have noticed lately that my short-term memory isn’t so great. I think of things that I would like to write about and ten minutes later I forgot and I might meet someone, walk away and forget their name. But, then I can remember every car or motorcycle I ever owned.

I do not participate in any social media platforms (or often, antisocial media) for various reasons which I will not elaborate on as I might offend someone that is a  social media super fan. But, basically, I have lived over 80 years without it. I have to admit I had a facebook account years ago, but that only lasted for a few months. This blog is my social media and is meant mainly for my family and friends

I do have a cell phone (not smart). It is an ancient android Kyocera. I have the basic plan with Freedompop that includes 200 min. talk, 500 texts (I don’t text) and 500MB Data per month and it costs $0.00, zero, nothing. It works great and I use it only in case of an emergency. It also takes pictures, but I prefer a real camera. We also have a phone for Gwynne. It is a flip phone from the old folk’s carrier Consumer Cellular. It costs an outrageous $12 to $13 a month and is also used in the same way as mine.

So, if you have some time to spare, take a look around this site. You may or may not enjoy it, but you might possibly learn something.

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Fruit Harvest 2018

Last year, Mother Nature wiped out all the blooms on fruit trees, so we got nothing – but this has been a better year.

Last year, we planted a little peach tree. Our entire yield this year consisted of two peaches. We anxiously watched them till they were ready to pick, and they were yummy. Obviously, we are hoping for a few more next year.

At one time, someone planted trees out along our irrigation line that were peaches grafted onto plum bases. When we moved here, there were only a couple branches of peach left, and now they have totally reverted to little green wild plums. In addition to freezing some, we got a dehydrating machine on Craig’s List and have been making prunes. We all know about old folks and prunes, so…enough said.

The raspberries have also done great and there is a stash in the freezer.

Gwynne got disgusted after a few bad garden years and plowed it under last fall, but I really hate the tasteless store tomatoes, so we got just two small plants and have had enough to eat fresh.

I was pretty happy about homemade apple pies earlier in the year, then figured out they were FAUX apple pies made with zucchini. OK, they were pretty good with ice cream or whipped cream on top, but now we have REAL apples and the pies are even better.

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Geriatric Bad Decisions

As it got harder for me to get around, I needed some form of transportation for trips to the mailbox and just for entertainment. My first idea was an ATV [1]. I had never been on one but figured I could handle it. Wrong!

I sold the ATV and an older golf cart that wasn’t running and decided a golf cart was the best idea. We found a 1994 Yamaha gas cart that ran great but looked like this [2]. We spent some money and a lot of work customizing. [3]

The Yamaha cart was great, but we came up with this not so great idea to sell the cart and get this really cute electric mobility scooter. We would get a carrier for our SUV so I could take it to events that we might want to enjoy.

We received the scooter a month later and I spent a few days in training. I quickly found out that because of my Parkinsons problems this was not going to work for me after several close encounters.

We thought that it would be next to impossible to sell, but in a few days, we found a perfect new owner thanks to craigslist.  Back to a golf cart. We found a 2007 electric Club Car that works just fine and will not be customized. I do miss my Yamaha gas cart, but I’m done with any more changes.

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