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Geriatric Bad Decisions

As it got harder for me to get around, I needed some form of transportation for trips to the mailbox and just for entertainment. My first idea was an ATV [1]. I had never been on one but figured I could handle it. Wrong!

I sold the ATV and an older golf cart that wasn’t running and decided a golf cart was the best idea. We found a 1994 Yamaha gas cart that ran great but looked like this [2]. We spent some money and a lot of work customizing. [3]

The Yamaha cart was great, but we came up with this not so great idea to sell the cart and get this really cute electric mobility scooter. We would get a carrier for our SUV so I could take it to events that we might want to enjoy.

We received the scooter a month later and I spent a few days in training. I quickly found out that because of my Parkinsons problems this was not going to work for me after several close encounters.

We thought that it would be next to impossible to sell, but in a few days, we found a perfect new owner thanks to craigslist.  Back to a golf cart. We found a 2007 electric Club Car that works just fine and will not be customized. I do miss my Yamaha gas cart, but I’m done with any more changes.

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Geriatrics is a sub-specialty of medicine that focuses on health care of the elderly.  So being  Geriatric does not imply that you are sick or ailing.  You have simply graduated to the next level of healthcare…. prior, to what else? Death.

I’m not dead, but unfortunately, I have slipped into the area of ailing. I began to have joint problems which led to full knee replacements in both legs. In addition, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This explains why I have become somewhat grouchy. There’s more, but no need to go there. After all, I‘m over 80 years old, which also entitles me to be, at times, annoyed, angry and complain often.

My Wife, Gwynne agrees.

Some items you may (will) need as you become Geriatric.

Wireless earphones for watching TV, so you can turn up the sound and keep others happy.

A cane. The HURRYCANE is my choice.

A good flashlight because it gets harder and harder to see in the dark.

An all-terrain walker which are called Rollators.

As a Geriatric, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

This is my combination rowing machine and recumbent bike.

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