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At the top of the list is the day I married Gwynne Shaw on January 20, 1991. The love of my life.

I Can’t do the things I used to do, so Gwynne takes care of all our animals, she is the farm hand, gardener, builder, maintenance person, etc. and most of all my caregiver.

I have 3 Kids, 12 Grand and 7 Great Grand ( at the moment ). Some of which like or love me, others not so much.

Let me not forget my older sister Carol in Arvada, Co.


  1. Martha August 23, 2020

    Perfect pic of your wedding day. 💗💗
    I zoomed in on the tiny images (I’m on an iPhone) to better see Gwynne doing the mentioned range of property work. Wow you can do anything Gwynne. 🤗
    Gary your wry humor is everywhere… The underline of ‘older’ sister. 😏 Ha. I can see Aunt Carol rolling her eyes.

  2. Rachel Killpack January 11, 2021

    Happy Anniversary! So sweet to hear you say “the love of your life”.❤️❤️❤️ You’ve built a beautiful life together and should be proud!

  3. Becca Purse January 20, 2021

    Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Gywnne! 30 years is an amazing accomplishment. I’m so glad you two found each other! I send my love to you both!

  4. Steve Brittenham (Heidi too!) January 23, 2021

    A few days late, but Happy Anniversary (and Happy New Year!)
    Just wanted to say hi, hope all is well, and let you know I cruised your website again.

    Yes, somebody reads it every now and then.

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