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Geriatric Bad Decisions

As it got harder for me to get around, I needed some form of transportation for trips to the mailbox and just for entertainment. My first idea was an ATV [1]. I had never been on one but figured I could handle it. Wrong!

I sold the ATV and an older golf cart that wasn’t running and decided a golf cart was the best idea. I found a 1994¬†Yamaha gas cart that ran great but looked like this [2]. I spent some money and a lot of work customizing. [3]

The Yamaha cart was great, but I came up with this not so great idea to sell the cart and get this really cute electric mobility scooter. I would get a carrier for our SUV so I could take it to events that I might enjoy.

I received the scooter a month later and I spent a few days in training. I quickly found out that because of my Parkinsons problems and just 3 wheels this was not going to work for me after several close encounters.

I thought that it would be next to impossible to sell, but in a few days, I found a perfect new owner thanks to Craigslist.¬† Back to a golf cart. I found a 2007 electric Club Car that works just fine and will not be customized. I do miss my Yamaha gas cart, but I’m done with any more changes.


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