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Kactus K’s Little Spitfire – A Memorial

Kactus K’s Little Spitfire 1988-2017

Without the use of words, Spitfire told us that today was the time to go.

He was our very first miniature horse. Purchased as a yearling, he’d been with us for 28 of his 29 years. We can still remember seeing him for the first time, a little fluff ball of white hair, standing in a pen in Corrales NM.

While we never quite achieved a National Championship, he was in the National Top Ten 5 times in Roadster Driving, earned 17 National AMHA Register of Merit in almost every discipline, and had his AMHA Champion designation for earning the necessary points in all the mandatory categories. He was a “stud” – literally – and gave us many lovely foals.

We have so many memories from showing him for over 20 years. We trained him, and he certainly taught us a thing or two.

Obviously, his name was given to him after he hit the ground running. His whole life, he was both a joy and a challenge. His absence leaves a great void.   Gary and Gwynne


  1. Pamela MacFarlane March 12, 2017

    What a lovely tribute to a fine horse! He certainly must have enjoyed his life with you as much as you enjoyed him; just look at all four of his hooves off the ground simultaneously in some of the photos. And of course he thought he was at least as big as the draft horse at the wash rack, didn’t he? Keep all those challenging and rewarding moments with Spit close to you heart. The memories are bound to make you smile even though you are grieving his loss, because your lives are intertwined with his. And your two remaining horses will surely miss him. Rest in peace, Spit. Sincere condolences to you, Gwynne and Gary, from Pam and Pete.

  2. Kathy Gibbard March 30, 2017

    He and I almost share a name … me being Kactus Kate and he being Kactus K

    Sorry for your loss! He was beautiful!

  3. Martha September 22, 2017

    Really nice rundown of his impressive career. Glad I caught up with this post. Sympathy to you on missing this special little guy <3

  4. Lois & Don Cant August 8, 2018

    Glad I went back and picked up this article on Spit! Don’t know how I missed it before. He was a great little horse. How thankful you must be to have him to remember!

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