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Tree Stump Mushrooms

Last updated on October 20, 2020

We had a big tree cut down a while back and it was in a place where stump grinding wasn’t an option. Online, articles said drilling holes and filling them with Epsom salts would kill it off and speed decomposition.

The holes retained rainwater and collected vegetative debris, creating the perfect growing space for mushroom spores. Now we have these gorgeous, perfectly spaced mushrooms ….and created fairy habitat?

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[flagallery gid=13]


  1. Rachel Killpack October 20, 2020

    Love them! You should make a fairy garden! I made one this year.

  2. Kaitlin Millard October 20, 2020

    How neat!

  3. Nick Purse October 20, 2020

    I have never seen anything like that before haha

  4. Becca October 20, 2020

    Wow! That really does look like the setting for a whimsical fairy garden 🤩

  5. Martha October 21, 2020

    Mushrooms and fairy dwellings. Imagination and creativity. The Curmudgeon element gladly yields to a greater force – the thoughtful artist, naturalist, and storyteller. :-) xo

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