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OMG I Live Here !

I always thought that Halloween costumes should be ghosts, witches, zombies, skeletons, etc. But apparently not according to some of the staff at a Middleton ID school.

November 3, 2018  Taken from Idaho Statesman.

The Middleton School District Board of Trustees statement in regards to the photo that was recently circulated.

This type of behavior has no place in education and certainly is not tolerated here at Middleton School District. This situation is being taken very seriously. We are in full support of our Superintendent and administrative staff as a full investigation is being conducted, and are awaiting the results of the investigation to assure appropriate disciplinary action is taken. We care about each of our students, their education, and their safety. This is an unfortunate incident of very poor judgment. Yet it is not indicative of the Middleton School District or our teachers as a whole. We have caring staff members who go the extra mile for our students on a daily basis. We are committed to learning and improving our district from this incident and to continue with our daily mission of Every Child Learning every day, and will do everything we can to ensure their success.

Middleton School Board

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