Super Bowl XLVII…Party ?

During the past week, all we heard about on the morning talk shows was Super Bowl parties. All the great foods that you should serve, beverages you could drink and how to set your table with all the proper decor. So I decided that was what we were going to do… a Super Bowl party.

We got all decked out in our Super Bowl watching costumes. We could not come up with the proper jerseys so I dug deep into our closet and came up with an Ed McCaffrey jersey who played for the Denver Broncos in 1995 through 2003. I also found my Art Monk jersey. Art Monk played for the Washington Redskins in the 1980’s.

Note that Gwynne was already trying to change the channel when I took this picture.

Gwynne Gary Purse

Cash and Jake


We invited our closest friends, Cash and Jake.

To our amazement they showed up in the exact same jerseys.



Then the excitement began with 10 minutes of the teams entering the field.

sf bal

10 more minutes for America the Beautiful,  10 more for the National Anthem and 10 more for the coin toss celebration.

Finally…………… we settled in and began enjoying the action. I decided that I was going to root for the San Francisco 49ers mainly because Baltimore beat Denver to get here in the first place.

Whoops, I almost forgot this post is about a party and you can’t have a party without food and drink. So… on our menu we had potato chips (the original kind), which I’m sure we hadn’t had for at least a year, Bud Select (55 calories) and chicken wings (which I don’t think I ever had).

beer wings1
sb-adele Next came the halftme show with Beyonce. I’m sorry, it must be my age, but I used that time to visit the restroom, get another beer, more chips or anything else I could think of to occupy that time. I would have enjoyed a few tunes from Adele or a duet with Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood.

Below is what my guests thought.



The second half began with an exciting 108 yard kickoff return by the Ravens. Then the lights went out, not only for the 49ers but in the stadium. I’m sure it was because of Beyonce, but the NFL  is saying it just ain’t so. During the 45 minute delay, we continued to party, finishing off the wings..they were great!


I would add more game info , but this is about the party.  Along with our guests, we all had a wonderful time, the food was great and have started planning next year’s party.

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6 Responses to Super Bowl XLVII…Party ?

  1. Pam says:

    As usual, your writing is humor-filled and witty. Thanks for sharing the food ideas and the clothing on all who attended your party, and the photos just might give some of us visual learners better ideas for next year!

  2. patrise says:

    OMG Gary…………I laughed so hard….hey you did just about what John and I did…you had one more guest than we did….Brad our oldest came over to do his homeowork and then we played monopoly and then it was time for the game….I made some nachos on a plate and I was the only one dressed in any type of football attire….I had the all revered Green Bay Packer sweatshirt (I had to keep taking it off and putting it back on because of my flashing)…and Brad was cheering for the 49ers because he is a bears fan (I dropped him on his head when he was a baby) and I of course had to cheer for the Ravens (we girls have to stick together Gwynne) because they beat the Packers in the playoffs…..AHAHAHAHAHAH that they lost…..the 49ers of course…..we did have a ham we cooked and spaghetti (just cuz Sunday is kind of our cookin day…) but we mostly had the nachos and of course I had wine!!!! And a good time was had by all….we all thought the Budweiser commercial was the best then came the Doritos with the guy and the goat…that was hilarious…..well your right on to next year when I know for a fact the Packers will be playing in the Superbowl….


  3. Kirk says:

    Very funny Gary. We weren’t all that interested in the game considering the result of our game with the Ravens. We watched, but only with a passing interest. Honestly, with the Harbaughs, and their behavior on the sidelines in every game they coach and Ray Lewis, the ultimate “drama queen”, made it hard to root for either team. In the end we were pulling for the Niner’s because of Kaepernick, sorry, I know he beat Boise State.

    You weren’t too old for the halftime show. it was too young for you.

    We did have one more guest, but that is only because we have three dogs.

  4. Sherri Arey says:

    Love your post! Funny you had those Jerseys on! I am a life long DENVER fan and my hubby is a skins fan! I did vote for the Rvens even though they beat us. My daughter in lw is from Maryland, my stepson lives in Maryland and my daughter is stattioned in Maryland. Are those your poodles?? I dont remember meeting them. I want a Golden doodle so badly but I have to know the poodles are good. I have a pom a poo. He is a awesome dog, getting old though, almost 15. Thanks for the post. It was a good way to wind up the evening:)

  5. Sherri says:

    Gary I love the story and pictures! Very funny! And Patrise, you are just as funny! I love the whole thing! I am still laughing!

  6. Carol says:

    I want to come to your party next year. It certainly was more exciting than how I watched the game. There were 2 fewer of us and no food. I totally agree with you re halftime and I thought most commercials were dumb! My favorite was Farmer Dodge Ram, also liked Bud horse one.
    I have had enough of Ray Lewis to last a lifetime.

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