The Most Snow in 30 years

And it’s still snowing..I took the first 12 photos shown on Dec 28th.  The remainder, today Jan 8th.  It has been snowing on and off during that period.  We are so thankful for our neighbors and farmer for clearing our road or we would have been in deep …. I mean snow of course.  Click on images to enlarge.

In the above photos note our miniature horses searching for food with the snow up to their bellies. The dogs searching for that special spot to relieve themselves and the chicken coop buried in snow. See what the coop locked like this summer here.


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5 Responses to The Most Snow in 30 years

  1. Kathy Gibbard says:

    It is gorgeous to those of us in Arizona! And good to get a “glimpse” of you! Hope things are going well for this geriatric curmudgeon and his beautiful wife.

  2. Martha says:

    Wow! Cool to see your end of the state. Beautiful pics. Fun to see the horsies out with their big blankets on. 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    Amazing! I’m impressed you were able to get the chicken coop covered so well haha

  4. Pamela MacFarlane says:

    Beautiful photos of the interesting winter; I especially like the heavy frost on the tree branches. Do your horses seem to enjoy the snow a bit? Mine have been quite frisky in it. Be careful out there! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Steve Brittenham says:


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