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My wife, Gwynne, has always been a “neat freak”.

Gwynne was Tidying Up long before Marie Kondo appeared on TV. However, she glommed onto that TV series like she had, at long last, found a kindred spirit. Okay – we have no praying to the spirit of the house before getting started and holding things to see if they spark Joy. It’s more like “Have we used this thing in the last year? No? Then we don’t need it!”

Beds get made as soon as people get out of them. Nothing sits out on a counter-top if it can be stashed into a drawer or cabinet. Kitchen appliances get put away as soon as she’s done using them – with the one exception of the coffee maker which gets used every morning.

She’s lived her life according to the adage: a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Of course, this has gotten to be a handy practice because we’ve gotten old and can’t remember where we put stuff unless it’s in exactly the place it’s always been.

Other women may get excited looking at clothes and jewelry. With Gwynne, it’s 3-ring binders, storage containers, and labels.

The Youth Ranch Thrift Store in Middleton has been tons of fun to browse for clothing, books, and misc. treasures we might find there, but a whole lot of our household contents have made their way to them as donations. Recently, we decided to get rid of the big bureau in our bedroom to make room for my electric chair and Gwynne was in Hog Heaven. She reorganized drawers and closets and discovered “under bed storage bags” for seasonal linens to make closet space for what was in bureau drawers.

Sock drawers, Shoe space, & Shirts, Jackets & Pants on the left

One of our friends has called our lifestyle “minimalist” and I’ve pretty much gotten used to it. Of course, when I lived alone, my bed got made only if I was having company and things like the TV remote were sitting out in plain sight. Brushes, aftershave, toothbrush, etc. were all out on the countertop. Oh well. Now, sometimes I ask where a thing got stashed and am told “OMG, we haven’t had that for 10 or 20 years!”

Our Friend’s Living Room

My only fear is that Gwynne’s obsession might cause her to find a place to stash me so I’m out of the way!

Help ?

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  1. GAP
    GAP September 28, 2019

    Brilliant and hilarious! Gwynne keeps the universe balanced!!!!

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