Tortoise Update


Okay…they are not herd animals and live most of their lives as solitary creatures. But, would Scooter be sad if he went through his whole life without seeing someone else of the same species?

Craigslist again: found an ad for another Russian tortoise and we adopted.

The seller told Gwynne they had named him Squirtle (not that they respond when called by name), which apparently is a Pokemon character.  Since we couldn’t remember that, it got shortened to Squirt.

Gwynne was worried that he was under-weight and the only food he had there was a pile of shredded carrots. Those are on his approved diet, but not intended as an only food source. With the smorgasbord offered at our house, he has turned into a real chow hound and already outweighs Scooter.

The two of them often sit nose-to-nose and just look at each other. Or, they are side-by-side basking under their heat lamp. They bob heads up and down, occasionally poking the other one with their nose. We can’t say they “play”, but clunk around together in both inside and outside enclosures, and are certainly aware of another tortoise presence.

​Gwynne says all is well with her OCD tendencies: 2 of us, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 2 hens and 2 tortoises.

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4 Responses to Tortoise Update

  1. Rachel Killpack says:

    So cute!

  2. Mollie E Carman says:


  3. Gary says:

    Thanks, I like it..

  4. Martha says:

    Love the way you report on the critters. Fun read. Esp the update on the the tidy pairing/nice OCD compatibility 😀

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