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So why am I doing this blog? I often wonder that. Does anyone even read this stuff?

I guess that I’m doing it because due to my vanishing physical abilities it gives me something to do instead of watching TV, reading, or taking naps. I can spend quality time thinking up silly or stupid things to put in a blog. However, I still watch TV and take naps.

I have noticed lately that my short-term memory isn’t so great. I think of things that I would like to write about and ten minutes later I forgot and I might meet someone, walk away and forget their name.

I do not participate in any social media platforms (or often, antisocial media) for various reasons which I will not elaborate on as I might offend someone that is a  social media superfan. But, basically, I have lived over 84 years without it.


  1. adapter May 3, 2021


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